Vasquez Gonzalez

Chrissy Miles (Red)


House Number: 1
Building Team: Chrissy Miles
Construction Date: July 27-28, 2013

General Information:

Parents' Time Together: (9 months separated)
Time Living in Tijuana: 27 years

Family Info: “My name is Maria and I am a single mom of 4 children. I have to take care of them all by myself because my husband abandoned us and he doesn't help me with any of the bills or support for my children. I rent a small house ($50/month) where I live with my children and with my salary, I can barely pay for all of our expenses. I have a property that I paid off years ago but because of difficult economic circumstances, I have not been able to build anything. That's why I'm asking for this help, so that my children can have a roof over their heads and say that it's OURS. Then we could stop paying rent and then I would be able to support my children more in their education, especially since my oldest daughter is entering Junior high, which will be another extra cost for me. Thank you so much beforehand for your support” -Maria, mom

Thank you, God bless.

“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.” Hebrews 3:4