The Discipleship Training School:

Transformation DTS - Jan. 2015

Transformation DTS - Jan. 2015

Transformation &

Compassion In Action

Jan. 8 - Jun. 5, 2015

Lecture Phase cost $2950

Surf & Skate DTS - Apr. 2015

Surf & Skate DTS - Apr. 2015

Classic DTS - Apr. 2015

Classic DTS - Apr. 2015

Surf/Skate & 

Classic DTS 

Apr. 9 - Aug. 28, 2015

Lecture Phase cost $2950

Music & Missions DTS - Sept. 2015

Music & Missions DTS - Sept. 2015

Compassion In Action &

Music and Missions

Sept. 24, 2015 - Feb. 19, 2016    

Lecture Phase cost $2950

The DTS will impact you and change your life!

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a five-month long school which aims to equip students for a lifetime of serving Christ.  The core theme of every DTS is, “To know God and make Him known.” During DTS, students learn more about who God is, His character, and His ways. Students also learn more about their identity in Christ, God's purpose for their lives, and how to live out their faith everyday.

During the lecture phase of the school, each week students have a new guest lecturer, and each lecturer teaches on a different topic. The students live in a community with worship and prayer every day. Students also meet in small groups, where they are discipled by our missionary staff. 

After the 12-week lecture phase, the students go on an outreach for eight weeks, usually to another country. The outreach phase enables students to apply the concepts they learned during the lecture phase, and to tell the world about the awesome God we serve!

The goal of these five months is to see real spiritual transformation take place in every student and at the same time, reach those who have been unreached by the gospel. As the students dive deeper into a vibrant relationship with God, they find that ministering to others is a joy!

Since our base is located in beautiful Baja California, Mexico, our DTS's are bilingual, and there are many diverse ministry opportunities. If you're interested in learning Spanish or English, our translated lectures will be highly beneficial for you. Our variety of local ministries includes home building, feeding the homeless, ministering to orphans, and praying over the red light district.


Check out the video below to learn more about DTS!

Check out this video about God's call to missionaries! The film was produced by Fire and Fragrance in Kona, Hawaii.

This video features one of our key ministries, Homes of Hope. If you do a DTS with us, you will have the opportunity to be part of this ministry!

More Details:

Both of our training campuses are located in Baja California, Mexico. One is in San Antonio Del Mar and the other is in Ensenada.

Each campus runs three DTS's per year with different themes, such as Music & Missions or Surf & Skate.

The schools start in January, April, and September.

Lecture phase costs $2,950. This price includes tuition, supplies, food, and housing.

Outreach phase costs approximately $2,000-$3,000.

DTS Curriculum: 

Here are some examples of teachings during the DTS lecture phase-

  • God’s Nature and Character: Understanding Who God is and What He is Like
  • God’s Intention for Individuals, People, and Creation: Seeing Life From God’s Perspective
  • God’s Redemption: Sin and The Cross: Recognizing Jesus as Lord
  • God’s Family: His Children and His Church: Becoming More Like Jesus
  • God’s World: His Call and His Commission: Doing the Works of Jesus
  • YWAM: A Response to God: Knowing God, Making Him Known

Topics will also include-

  • The Father Heart of God
  • Maintaining Godly Relationships
  • Frontier Missions
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Destiny and Identity in Christ
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • The Fear of the Lord
  • Evangelism
  • Worship
  • How to Study the Word of God

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