Homes of Hope Application

Homes of Hope Application

Welcome. We are excited that you are interested in bringing a group to build a home for a needy family and change their lives in a significant way forever. The following steps are laid out as a guideline for our application process. Our Homes of Hope registrar is here to help you along every step of the way. Contact information for Homes of Hope is: and 619 240 3804.

Step by Step Guide – Step One

Register on line as the group coordinator. Our Homes of Hope registrar will receive your confirmation of booking and contact you by e-mail or phone to continue the registration and application process.

Step Two

Send in the deposit to hold your date. There is a non-refundable $75 per person deposit, which will secure the spot for your team. Your selected date is not secured until your per person deposit is paid. You will receive a “quote” from our office. We will hold your reservation for 30 days and then the deposit portion of the quote must be paid in order for us to continue to secure the reservation. Click here for payment options

Step Three

Additional documents: There are some additional forms we need from your team. They are a release of liability waiver and a medical consent for treatment form.  We have recently changed our process and these forms can now be completed online.  Please have each member of the team participating fill out a form.  Before each team member fills out their form they will need to know the team name, trip dates and the trip location.  Please ensure your team has the correct information and them to to fill out their form.  Please remind your team that each member of the family attending will need to fill out their own form.

  • Notarized Permission slip: You can download the form here To comply with Mexican law, all minors need a notarized permission slip signed by any parent or legal guardian not traveling with them, allowing them to cross an international border with your group coordinator. The letter should be printed on your church or organizational letterhead. (Please send us a copy and your team coordinator will have the original with him/her while in Mexico and crossing the border.) This web site provides more information about this necessary permission:

  • Have each person in your group make a photocopy of their passport and bring that with them to Mexico to be turned in upon arrival. If they do not have a passport we strongly suggest that they apply for one ASAP, they take about 6 weeks to process. A passport card is a great alternative for those not planning to travel outside of Mexico or Canada.  If they are unable to get a passport in time please contact us immediately.  It is important that the picture and printing is legible.

Step Four

You have the option of signing up your team for a fundraising site called Friends Asking Friends.  This site will allow you to fundraise using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You will be able to create a team page and invite your team members to sign up and begin fundraising. You can personalize your team fundraising page adding in your own text and pictures or using what Homes of Hope has already provided.  You can then send a link to your page on Facebook, Twitter or though e-mail to potential donors with the click of a button.  Your team page will show how much money your team needs to raise, how much they have already raised, and link potential donors to a safe credit card donation site.  If you are interested in creating a team donations page, please contact we would be happy to help explain in more detail and get your team fundraising today!

Step Five

At eight – ten weeks prior to your trip, please Download and fill out the Group List and Arrival Departure Forms. Our registrars are available to answer questions and help you through the process.

Step Six

The balance of team and house fees are due eight weeks before your team arrives for all our trips. For groups providing all documentation and payment of balance eight weeks prior to the trip, please talk to our HOH registrar about an incentive. Click here for payment options

Step Seven

You will receive your team’s agenda, logistics, emergency contact information and preliminary build information approximately four weeks prior to arrival from our registrar. Please continue to up-date registrar and the online form with any changes regarding your team.

Step Eight

Approximately ten days prior to arrival you will receive final details of your trip from one of our field coordinators. You will update the field coordinator to any last minute additions and/or changes.

Step Nine

Arrive and build a home and change the lives of a family forever.