It all started with an offering

Homes of Hope are being built from the ground up now in 16 different countries. 

In the early 90s Sean and Janet Lambert, who later founded YWAM San Diego/Baja, were on staff at YWAM Los Angeles. They received an offering by a group with no specific designation for its use. With that donation, the Lamberts decided to take a youth group down to Tijuana, Mexico and build a home for a family that was in desperate need of a better living situation.

From that one house in Tijuana, a new ministry was born: Homes of Hope. Twenty-four years later, Homes of Hope has provided over 4,500 houses for needy families. This ministry wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the groups of people that travel here from all over the world to build. 


Members of the family receiving a home often participate. 

We’ve had teams come from New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and all over the U.S. They typically consist of 15-20 people, and together they build a house in just two days. Teams don’t have to bring any tools or supplies, however they do pay for the cost of materials

Homes of Hope doesn’t just provide a practical need for poor families. It impacts the families spiritually as well because it shows them that God truly cares for them. It opens doors for relationships to be built and conversations to be had about the love of Jesus Christ. 


After the house is built, teams have a dedication ceremony with the family. 



We’ll be celebrating the ministry’s 25th anniversary in the spring of next year. In celebration we’re hoping to build 25 houses in Mexico over Memorial Day weekend, 13 in Tijuana and 12 in Ensenada. In 2015, Homes of Hope will have provided over 5,000 homes. 

Check out this video to see the life-changing impact that a Home of Hope had on a Mexican family!