Studies show that, less than 20% of Christians have read the entire Bible and less than 45% have read through the New Testament. While many of us identify as followers of Christ, even regard the Bible as life giving and valuable- we often de-prioritize it in our daily lives. Why does such a low literacy rate exist? We are passionate about ending bible illiteracy and believe that one of the greatest investments you can make is taking time out to really dive deep into the word and experience the great story that God has for His people. We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why we think you should do the School of Biblical Studies-Chronological, a 9 month school or the Chronological Biblical Core Course, a 3 month school with YWAM San Diego/Baja. Check it out: 

1. YOU BUILD A FOUNDATION: While this school is the long haul, the time spent is so worth it. You spend an average of 40+ hours a week, for 9 months, building a foundation of the word of God in your life. You may never have a time this intensive again, but it leaves you with a grounding in the word that better prepares you for future ministry and even life in general. It truly is a gift to dedicate a season to invest in your faith, a gift that will bear fruit for years to come. 

2. YOU GROW DEEPER: The school brings insight and exciting revelation about who God is and why we desire relationship with him. By studying the word in depth, you gain freedom and intimacy with God like never before. As you examine the text and gain context, your beliefs are challenged and God brings alignment with him into your thoughts and identity. Reading through the Bible 5 times, sows seeds of the word of God into your heart that changes the way you think and view the world. 

3. YOU RECEIVE HEALING: Studying the scripture gives the Holy Spirit room to bring healing and revelation to areas in your life that you may have never even noticed you needed. It touches your heart and your mindset, and brings life. In the face of doubts, frustrations and conviction, you are presented with truth, joy and freedom in knowing God’s word. This healing is invaluable to not only you personally, but is a testimony for others. 

4. YOU ARE EQUIPPED: This is only the beginning. In SBS-C and the BCC-C you are equipped to continue a lifestyle of study and revelation from the Word of God. The school, gives you the tools you need to not only think for yourself but understand the message and themes of the Bible. Through the inductive method you learn observation, interpretation and application, which helps you to understand what the original text meant, and who it was intended for, so that you can more appropriately apply the text to your personal life. 

5. YOU GAIN THE BIG PICTURE: In the process of studying the bible in its entirety you gain the big picture, while discovering the constant and unchanging character of God throughout all history. The SBS-C and the BCC-C bring clarity to places where there may have been confusion, and allows you to see the scope of history in a linear view while understanding God's redemptive plan for mankind. There is no angry God of the Old Testament vs. merciful God of the New Testament. He is one in the same and his heart for us is redemption.



We run the School of Biblical Studies-Chronological here, each September at our beautiful San Antonio Del Mar campus, located just south of Tijuana, Mexico. We invite gifted bible teachers from all over the world and have a great team of SBS-C and BCC-C staff who walk with the students throughout the whole process!  

For more information about the Chronological-School of Biblical Studies click HERE. For more information about the Chronological- Biblical Core Course click HERE.

(*Prerequisite for these schools is having previously completed and graduated from a DTS with YWAM.)



5 Reasons to do a YWAM Bible School.