My life is drastically different today than it was one year ago, or even six months ago. It all started by me saying “yes” to what the Lord was telling me to do. One year ago, almost to the day, the Lord told me to “remain in a place of learning.” I had been praying about what my next step of life would be, either doing a C-SBS with YWAM or joining full time staff.

Today, in the middle of my C-SBS, the Lord showed me just how silly my thoughts and preconceived ideas were. How I had already decided what this place of learning  would look like in my life, but He had different ideas in mind. At the time I was praying, I assumed the C-SBS was what the fulfillment God was speaking, and it was definitely part of it. But today, as I go deeper in the Word, I am not only thankful for the amount of learning I have embarked on so far in this C-SBS, but I’m blown away by how much bigger God’s plans for me to remain in a place of learning. HIs plans are bigger than I ever expected.

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I’ve now realized what God meant by this: I should never stop learning, and I need to continually position myself to be a lifelong learner. There are so many more schools in YWAM I would love to do and so many things that I would love to learn, but one thing I do know is that I will never be done learning. Yes, there will be a time in my life where I won’t be in the traditional classroom setting I am in now, but as I step out into leadership roles in the future, it will be just as important for me to remain in a place of learning, as it is during my time in the C-SBS.

In this season I’m building my foundation on the Word of God and I now realize it is not Biblical wisdom to ever think that there is a time where I will stop learning. So today, I am laying down my expectations for my life. I will choose to remain in a place of learning and allow the Lord to take total control of leading my life, because His purposes and ideas for me are way better than I could ever even dream. 



The author, Jack, is a current student of our C-SBS running in San Antonio Del Mar. 


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The Place of Learning