Family Information:

Mother- Rafaela               

  • Age 32
  • Profession: Factory Worker  
  • Weekly Salary: $65


  • Maria Fernanda, age 16
  • Valeria Faviola, age 14
  • Jose Raul, age 14 

Property Information:

Colonia - Ejido Lazaro Cardenas          

Time with property - 4 months  

Letter From the Family:

Hello, Through this letter I'd like to introduce myself and kindly ask for your help. I'm a single mom and I have three teenagers that are in school.

A few months ago I was talking to a friend of mine and she told me that there was a colony selling abondoned properties for lower rates. I was able to save enough money to make a down payment with the hope to have a better place for my kids. It's been really hard for me to start building a home during this time, I leveled out my land, and I hope to lay come concrete for a floor. Right now we're living in my friend's house where my kids and I are staying in a room there.

I hope that you are able to help my family, I've tried my best to give my kids the best. I'm praying for your help because with my salary I can't cover all the basic needs for my family. 

Thank you for considering our family. -Rafaela Fernanda Rojas Mendoza