Family Information:

Father- Adelfo

  • Age 63
  • Profession: Construction 
  • Weekly Salary: $30

Mother- Maria Guadalupe              

  • Age 33
  • Profession: Farmer's Market Vendor 
  • Weekly Salary: $20


  • Eliot Ben Hadad, age 5
  • Fatima Juget, age 3

Property Information:

Colonia - Ejido Lazaro Cardenas          

Time with property - 11 years  

Letter From the Family:

We'd like to ask for your help from the bottom of our hearts. My husband is 63 years old and I'm 33, my son Eliot is 5 and my daughter is 3. We've been trying to build onto or improve the home that we're living in right now which is two meters by three meters. We've been living in this house for eleven years now but parts are getting very old.

The wood is warped and waterlogged and the roof material is ruined. When it rains all the water leaks through into our house and gets everything totally wet. As a mother, I desire the best for my kids. My husband doesn't get a lot of work because of his age, and about a year ago he had an accident and lost two of his toes. One of my sisters gave me a job working with her in the farmer's market. We work hard to be able to afford the kid's schooling and food for everyone.

May God bless you all, we are extremely humbled to receive your help. Thank you before hand for choosing us and for choosing to support our family.