In August of 2016, we began with our first Ilumina Conference where we had around 11 youth groups participating and 120 youth in attendance. We had sessions, workshops, and activities for the youth and were able to build relationship with many of them. After the conference, the youth returned to their churches, and a few weeks later we began to receive a lot of calls from the youth pastors asking what happened at the conference because so many of the youth returned with a contagious passion to serve and accomplish the purpose that God had for them. The pastors didn’t know what to do with all the energy that they brought back after the conference. Some of the youth began to study the Bible more, organize missions trips, bring their families and friends to the church and many other things that showed their excitement for whatever God had for them.

The pastors that had called us before began to invite us to preach in their churches and do follow-up with their youth. We saw that the flame really hadn’t gone out of these youth. In November of 2016, we decided to plan Ilumina events each month. We had the idea to hold the events in the churches we had relationships with to be able to keep in contact with the youth and to maintain that environment of growth in the areas around us. So the first Ilumina event was held at a church called Koinonia. We held the event in January 2017. Since then, we have held an event in different places all over the city, uniting the local churches and walking together in the same purpose. This is the purpose that Jesus left us - to reach every child, denomination and culture (Matthew 28:19-20). After every event we hold, we encourage the host church to hold 3 follow-up activities where they plan and do local missions.


To mobilize youth groups to be creative and relevant innovators in the culture and society around them by communicating the love of God in a way that will reach the next generation.


For Ilumina to become an international movement functioning as a platform for churches and youth groups to be able to grow, impact and mold each sphere of society through walking out the purposes God has for them.


  1. Interdenominational
  2. Mobilize the local church
  3. Relevant: physically, spiritually, practically
  4. Innovative
  5. Exalt the name of God
  6. Youth focused
  7. Work in unity as the Body of Christ
  8. Impact before (preparation), during (event or conference) and after (follow up)
  9. Excellence and quality
  10. Integrity in all staff
  11. Multiplication and discipleship
  12. Training
  13. Impact and integration of all 7 spheres of society


  • For youth groups and churches to begin mobilizing themselves with a local and global focus, using the objectives that God specifies for each individual church.
  • That the youth groups would have a relevant alignment with what God is speaking to them in their season.
  • That the youth realize that there is no better place to fit in than what Jesus calls “the Church”.
  • That Ilumina can be a tool for the churches in Mexico and the world. For unity in the Body of Christ through this neutral and interdenominational program.


  1. Called to mobilize youth in local and global missions.
  2. Called to unify the Church of Christ in general.
  3. Called to innovation and creativity.
  4. Called to multiplication.
  5. Called to bring new generations to the purpose of God.
  6. Called to impact the 7 spheres of influence in society.
  7. Called to discipleship and training.