Lift Conference 2018
January 29th - February 1st 

due to lack of registrations


What does LIFT stand for? 

L- Legal          I-   Immigration          F- Financial        T- Tactical (Risk & Insurance)


Why LIFT? To help all our YWAM North America leaders address many key corporate governance, legal issues, immigration/visa issues, operational financial issues, key tactical areas which includes liability, risk and insurance areas.

Who should attend the LIFT seminar? The LIFT seminar is for any YWAM operation location leader, base administrators, financial overseers and those working with visas for staff and students.

When: January 29th - February 1st.  The conference begins Monday night with departures on Friday morning.

Location: The LIFT Seminar will be hosted by YWAM San Diego/Baja at our San Antonio Del Mar campus located 30 minutes south of the San Diego airport. 

Cost: The cost will be $150 per person, which includes food, housing and transportation from the San Diego airport and return. If you bring your own transportation to and from Mexico, the cost is $125. 

There is a requested donation of $200 per operation location to help cover cost of bringing in professional resource speakers in each of the LIFT categories. Our professionals waive their honorariums, but we do have to cover their travel costs and some hospitality expenses. Also, at times LIFT will hire a professional to produce a White Paper that benefits all locations. There are a few scholarships available as needed to help cover the $200 per operation location cost for those that need one.

There will be new topics that we will cover that we have not discussed in the past. 

  • How to handle international speaker honorariums. Most bases are not doing this in compliance 
  • Did you know your state may have worker’s compensation for volunteers?
  • Do you check your IRS status regularly? What happens if IRS makes you inactive by accident? 
  • Do you have a Christian Arbitration clause in your Memorandum of Understanding? 
  • Did you know any U.S. YWAM ministry sending money overseas HAS to check the name of the international receiving the money or the NGO against a Government watch list? Big fines and jail can be consequences if not following this protocol. We will discuss the OFAC list. 
  • Does your YWAM ministry use Grant Agreements when giving money to other nonprofits either in the US or overseas? Most YWAM locations are not doing this required compliance process. 
  • And many more new compliance and regulations that IRS, Immigration, Homeland Security, State Government, Federal Government, etc. has added since our last LIFT in 2015. 

We are also changing the format now that we have several YWAM ministries that have attended one or more LIFT workshops. We will have sessions for those new to LIFT as well as those who have learned the basics and now want to understand other areas. We will have times with new YWAM works that have started the past 5 years and those that have been going longer than 5 years. We will have a special session on becoming a Religious Order and how it works and the benefits and requirements. Our specialists will be available to make 15-30 minute appointments, as well as having meals around the table with them.