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Come Up To Me On This Mountain


Come Up To Me On This Mountain


Over the last year, I’ve written “I trust you” in my journal more times than I can count. It’s funny how I need to write it over and over again. Somehow the act of writing it etches it into my soul. It takes it deeper. “Jesus, I trust you.” There’s so many things I don’t understand yet I feel this inexplicable peace that beckons me, “be still, you can trust Jesus”.

It’s so easy to make our relationship with God less of a relationship and more of a transaction. I find myself wanting to have the what, when, where + why before I’ll settle into God’s presence. There’s too much to do, too much to understand, yet God is ever patient with me in my messiness. He waits there for me on the mountain. Waiting for me to put down my list and just rest in Him. Waiting for me to receive His love and His relationship that He gave everything to have. He waits there for me to simply be with Him.

You see, God is faithful and worthy of my trust. He is ever working for me, going before me and staying so near, intentionally pursuing my heart. We were never meant to be robots, mindlessly following a God shouting out instructions to us. From the very beginning of creation, it was always about relationship. We cannot miss this part!

Being able to trust God with my everything, my hopes, my dreams, my futures, my days and my finances, doesn’t happen on accident, it all comes out of relationship. We can’t spend so much time searching for the will of God for our lives, for our calling, that we miss out on knowing Him. While I press in to knowing Him, to being with Him- there comes the breakthrough of my trust beyond circumstance.

So I will spend my days, waking up and pursuing the heart of God. I will learn to trust slowly but surely, as I discover more about Him and His character. The greatest adventure we have at our fingertips is walking in intimacy with God. He’s asking us to come up on the mountain to meet with him. So I’m embracing this adventure with everything I have. I will meet with you there my God.


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Come Up To Me On This Mountain
Hope Continues


Hope Continues

David and Daisy (front and center) celebrating with the children and families that take part in their feeding center. 

David and Daisy (front and center) celebrating with the children and families that take part in their feeding center. 

At the dedication ceremony of a Homes of Hope house, the families are encouraged to find ways to bless others with what they’ve been given. David and Daisy Ortiz received their home in 2016. Since then, they’ve done just that. 

Three mornings a week, the Ortiz family opens the front door of their home, transforming it into a feeding center for neighborhood children. Around 50 children receive meals in their home each week. Local vendors partner with the Ortiz Family to provide supplies and food. 

As David and Daisy began to interact with these children each week, they realized that there was more to the equation. The parents of these young ones needed help, too. So they partnered with another Homes of Hope recipient, named Felipe, to run a six-week marriage enrichment course. Felipe hosted the classes in his home and David and Daisy developed the curriculum and taught each week. 

The graduation celebration was recently held at the YWAM San Antonio del Mar campus for the families who completed the marriage course. Claudia, one of the participants, came forward to share her story. No one was prepared for what happened next. 

“Pablo and I were discussing separation,” she began. “We didn’t want to live together any longer. We knew it would be difficult for the children but we couldn’t continue on. When David and Daisy came to our house to invite us to the marriage study, we reluctantly went.” She shared how the course transformed their relationship, and how their hearts turned towards each other once again. 

“And I want to surprise Pablo with something here at this graduation. Something that Pablo has always wanted but I have refused.” Claudia paused, emotion filling her voice. 

"Pablo, will you marry me?"

Gasps of surprise and joy were heard around the room. While common-law marriages are a prevailing custom in many developing nations, Claudia knew that she and Pablo needed to take the next step. 

She didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Pablo responded with “YES!” and the room erupted in celebration! Then, once the excitement died down, two more couples declared their commitment to marriage by getting engaged, too. 


The influence of Homes of Hope goes far beyond boundaries of four walls and a roof. When families like the Ortizes open their doors to those around them, the impact can reach to the next generation and beyond. 

Are you interested in bringing a team to do a Home of Hope build? Click HERE for more info! 


Hope Continues
Transformation Starts With Me: the Community Development School


Transformation Starts With Me: the Community Development School


“What now?” is all I could think. I had just finished my DTS and I had so much passion to see nations changed and communities transformed. I felt like a kid with a sugar high, and no idea where to put all this energy. After my DTS I had so many more questions about missions then I have ever had in my life. I had a passion for working in the local girls’ ministry, for working with youth and empowering them to follow their dreams. I wanted to start something but what? How? Where? When? The questions just kept overwhelming me. How do I get involved? How do I find the right connections? How long do I stay in a location? How do I bring a lasting change? What kind of change is really needed? The list could go on and on. At the time someone told me about the Community Development School happening at YWAM San Diego/Baja. The school was starting in three weeks and all I had in my account was $0. I started to pray: “Ok God… if I’m meant to do this, you’re gonna come through... right?” I could feel the grin of God as He spoke over me, “I come through every time, don't I?”  


And He did, like always.  

When I arrived to the Community Development School, I came in with zero expectations other than the obvious- I was going to learn how to develop communities. I had no idea the layers that come with that. Throughout the school they shared this same quote over and over until it was the first thing I would think of when I woke up, “Transformation starts with you.” You cannot begin to transform that community you are passionate about, let alone the people around you, until you start with yourself. Everything you learn in the CDS, is applicable to you and your personal growth. How can you teach something that you don’t believe in, or explain something that you don't even understand for yourself?

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.
— LUKE 2:52

To the core, what we are passionate about as missionaries is to share God’s intentions and love to everyone we meet. During this school, I was able to clearly understand God’s intentions for me.  No matter what I do, His plan for me never changes, His love for me never changes.  The way I saw myself and my world view began to shift. This was the start of what I’d like to call the cocoon season. My DTS I felt like I was a caterpillar, feeding on hearing God, and who He is to me.  The CDS became a season of deep transformation in the cocoon.  Through growing pains  and pushing past my comfortable way of thinking, I was now able to see who I am to God.  

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When I was able to understand this, I was finally able to see God’s intentions for every sphere of society.  I better understood the roles of family, church, and government. In this political climate, I wanted to make sure that I am standing on a firm foundation of Biblical truth, and to understand God’s heart for government and what role it truly has in my life. Learning from business people, who took their business to help transform widows lives, or slums in India that have been transformed through business ideas, made me so excited to use my gifts and passions! It was life changing to hear about how God wants to use our creativity to bring transformation. The inspirations for future ministries became endless.


During the school I found myself not being able to stop talking about how amazing the school was. Even now, I encourage anyone who is wanting to continue a ministry lifestyle to do the CDS. The perspective of God’s intentions is crucial to understand when working in any type of community. Whether it’s a tribe in the Amazon jungle, an inner-city block in the US, a refugee camp in Europe, or a youth group in your hometown. Transformation and development are possible. In order to achieve the goal you have set out to transforms lives, you must first transform yourself. 

Are you ready?







Transformation Starts With Me: the Community Development School