Check out the Family Profiles:

  • The families for wich we build must have rights to their land, whether they own it or are making payments.
  • They have children under the age of 18. We typically build for families with two or more children.
  • They earn less than $100 USD per week.
  • Families who have an immediate need for shelter are given the highest preference. 
  • If a family doesn't meet the above criteria, they may still qualify if they have extenuating circumstances, such as a medical condition. 

    It is very difficult to calculate a family’s actual need by simply using the metrics above, so we have an in-depth application process that is overseen by our dedicated staff. Families come to our facility and apply in person.

    One of our staff members will visit their current residence to assess their situation and investigate the validity of their claims. After that a committee meets and after prayer, they select the families for whom we will build.