Hope Zone: 

Hope Zone (formerly known as Zone Kids) was started in 2010 after doing prayer walks in Tijuana’s Red Light District. During those prayer walks it became evident that there were children being prostituted, but also just living in an area where so much is constantly desensitized. By working with the children and reaching out to the families, our hope is that we can encourage these families to love what is good and true, and to come into a life giving relationship with Jesus.  

The dream God has put in our heart is that these children can grow up to be the change that this city needs. We meet once a week and run programs in a local park for the children as well as their mothers. We teach life values and biblical truths as well as encourage the arts. 


We have a partnership with a local church in the area called La Roca and we are beginning to see families starting to attend church on their own! Check out the video below that explains our ministry's purpose and vision. 



For more information, please contact Amanda Nino at amanda.noyes@ywamsdb.org.