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Since 1990, Youth With A Mission has had more than 100,000 participants at our locations in Baja California, Mexico. Not one of our participants has experienced an incident of violent crime. Like in any country, there is violence in Mexico. But Northern Baja is safer than other parts of Mexico and boasts over 100,000 U.S. and Canadian residents live along the coast nearby to our campuses.

We work hard to ensure that our trips are as safe as possible, and we appreciate the long-standing trust groups place in us by joining us to serve in Mexico. We attribute our safety record to the grace of God and our safe practices.



Our Operational Principles: 

  1. Group based-Everything we do is done in groups. People are never sent alone to do anything here.

  2. Staff participation-Each group has at least one YWAM staff member with them at all times. We have over 100 staff members who help setup and supervise our teams. 

  3. Local knowledge-We know the area well and avoid unsafe areas. We also work together with local pastors and community leaders.   

  4. Communication-YWAM staff members have cell phones so we are able to communicate with one another as needed while working.

  5. Hours of operation-Our work primarily takes place during daylight hours. We employ night watchmen at both our campuses. 


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