Desire to know God's Word and share His truth with others?


The C-SBS provides a biblical foundation that will prepare you for a lifetime of ministry.


This school is designed to give you the tools you need to dig deep into God’s Word. In nine short months you will read the Bible five to six times, and examine each verse to study God’s ways. You will learn to search the scriptures by delving into the cultural context of the Bible and seeing what the original text meant to its first readers. This school is deep, intense, and it will help you understand God in new ways!

The Chronological-SBS goes through the entire Bible in the order that the events in the Bible occurred. Our main objective is to prepare you to share God’s Word with others. 

The Chronological SBS is not just another way of studying the scripture. It was the order in which historical events played out. Historical events that reveal the sovereignty of God. How His hand is somehow in all that has been and will be, while also being a God who allows man to partner with Him in His plans.



Sept. 17, 2018 - July 4, 2019 at our San Antonio Del Mar campus


English Spanish


School Tuition: $8100 USD ($2700 USD due per quarter)
Includes tuition, food & housing. 
(scholarships available for students from Latin America)


A successfully completed DTS

God can use you to impact the nations with His Word!  


Our goal is to train Christians in the Word of God so they can multiply missions. We follow Paul’s mandate in 2 Timothy 2:2, “...and the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”  During C-SBS, students survey each book to discover the big picture, and dig deep into the details, paragraph by paragraph. We consider how each book fits into the Gospel story. We also place an emphasis on understanding the historical background of each book. 


This school allows students to take the biblical truths they learn that transcend time and culture, and apply them to their own lives. C-SBS gives students hands-on instruction in the principles of observation, interpretation, and application.

The C-SBS staff meet weekly with the students to aid in their personal growth and understanding. For more information about the curriculum, see Acts 1-3 below. We invite you to join this life-changing C-SBS at our beautiful campus in Baja California, Mexico!

ACT 1 (SEPT. - DEC.) 

  • Genesis through Samuel
  • The Beginning of Creation
  • The Fall of Humanity
  • The Call, Redemption, and and plan of Salvation of His People
  • The Birth of an Earthly Kingdom
  • The books of Poetry : Job through Psalms
  • The Heart’s Struggle with Life
  • The Wisdom of the King’s Heart

ACT 2 (JAN. - MAR.) 

  • Prophets Joel to Jeremiah
  • God's Merciful Warnings of Judgment to a Stubborn People
  • Promises of Salvation to a Repentant Remnant
  • The Downfall of a Kingdom
  • Ezekiel through Malachi
  • Rebirth of a Stateless, Int'l People
  • Longing for the Holy and Just Priest-King

ACT 3 (APR. - JUN.) 

  • Discover Jesus through the Gospels
  • Study what it meant to be believer in the early church
  • Messiah arrives & defeats death
  • He Fills His People with His Spirit
  • Good News Reaches the Nations
  • Mark through the Revelation
  • Messiah’s People Endure Suffering
  • His Kingdom of Grace Redeems Hearts from All

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Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path
— Psalm 119:105

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