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The titus project

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Titus Info | YWAM San Diego Baja

The titus project

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"...To further the faith of God's elect and their knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness"



The Titus Project is a three month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers, and to send them to places in great need of Bible teaching. Our goal is to equip the church worldwide with tools for studying the Bible. We target places with limited access to Bible teaching.

Our aim is that our program participants will become life-long Bible teachers and able to equip the church wherever they go, whether back home, or into full-time missions.


Our Purpose

Transforming the nations with the word of God by:

- Empowering biblical teachers to effectively
communicate God's word

- Equipping the church worldwide with tools for
studying the Bible

- Giving a biblical foundation that leads to
transforming lives



Sept. 17 - Dec. 1, 2020 at our San Antonio Del Mar campus
The school begins with 3 weeks of lecture
followed by 8 weeks of outreach


English Spanish


A successfully completed DTS and SBS


School Tuition & Outreach : $3000 - 4000 USD
Includes tuition, outreach airfare, food & housing.  
Full tuition is due upon school arrival.
(Scholarships available for students from Latin America)


We focus primarily on, but not limited to, Latin America


TItus Info Cont. | YWAM San Diego Baja

Equipping people to be effective communicators of the word of God

TItus Info Cont. | YWAM San Diego Baja

Equipping people to be effective communicators of the word of God

Meet the need of the worlD

The first three weeks are spent in training and developing teaching at our campus just north of Rosarito, Mexico. The next two months are spent on outreach in teams focused on Bible teaching, and the final week is spent in debriefing.

We don't call our program participants “students”, but rather we see them as co-teachers who work along side us. During the three week training phase, participants learn how to prepare, present, and illustrate Bible teachings. Each participant will teach and be evaluated four times during their training, and on outreach, team-mates will evaluate each other for continued growth.

We aim for each participant to teach between six and twelve hours each week. Many places in the world are hungry for Bible teaching and we desire to see School of Biblical Studies graduates do their part to meet that need.

Disciple a new generation of believers

The global church is suffering from a lack Bible knowledge. Despite Christianity’s explosive growth, the church in the developing world often lacks trained bible teachers. To date, there is one formally trained church leader for every 450,000 people outside of the U.S.  Some say that 85% of pastors worldwide have had no formal training. That means that most of the 77,000 people coming to Christ daily don't have qualified leaders to disciple them. Our aim is to meet this need by sending Bible teachers to disciple a new generation of believers who are grounded in Biblical truth!

As part of our curriculum, we read and discuss four books. We also have times of worship and intercession with the entire base and the School of Biblical Studies. Outreach teams also meet together to pray, prepare, and write a research paper on their outreach location.


books we read:

  • The Heart of a Teacher
  • Methods of Teaching and Preaching Preparation
  • Illustrating Your Teaching
  • Presenting Your Teaching (Communication)
  • The Seven Intelligences and Learning Styles
  • Teaching Through A Translator
  • Methods and Models for Teaching & Illustrating the Inductive Method of Bible Study in Foreign Cultures
  • Teaching Bible Overview
  • Teaching Oral Learners
  • The course also includes training in personality types, team dynamics, and cross-cultural communication.
  • The Seven Laws of the Learner
    - Bruce Wilkinson
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
    - Gordon Fee

  • Foreign to Familiar
    - Sarah Laneir

  • Discipling Nations
    - Darrow Miller

Here is what the Titus Project is all about!

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