THE Outreach PHASE

After the 12-week lecture phase, the students go on an outreach for eight weeks, usually to another country. The outreach phase enables students to apply the concepts they learned during the lecture phase, and to tell the world about the awesome God we serve!  The goal of these five months is to see real spiritual transformation take place in every student and at the same time, reach those who have been unreached by the gospel. As the students dive deeper into a vibrant relationship with God, they find that ministering to others is a joy!  

Since our base is located in beautiful Baja California, Mexico, our DTS's are bilingual, and there are many diverse ministry opportunities. If you're interested in learning Spanish or English, our translated lectures will be highly beneficial for you. Our variety of local ministries includes home building, feeding the homeless, ministering to orphans, and praying over the red light district.The cost of the outreach varries and will depend mostly on the cost of the airfare that is required.  The 2 month outreach can cost anywhere between $2,000 - $3,500 USD.  Have more questions about the DTS?  Scroll down for our DTS FAQ to see what a normal day looks like, how to raise finances, how outreaches are decided, ect.


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