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We have faith. With God, the impossible is possible. We got this. We got this... and then the storm hits and we are back at it again with all the feels, our fears and our scrambling for control. 

In reality, there is a fine line between faith and doubt and I’ve faltered between the two more than I care to admit. 

When we fix our eyes on Jesus- We can conquer anything.  But when our eyes are diverted, we sink. It is a pretty simple formula. One minute confidently walking on water, the next- a terror filled, spiral out of control. It’s funny how life is like that. 


When will we learn to remember?

When will we learn, that we were never the ones in control?

We will, when we learn to look again. 


Peter confidently cried out to Jesus to call him out on the water. At this point, the storm and the depth of the sea were inconsequential, they were nothing compared to the glory of looking Jesus in the face. He was on a faith high, ready to face anything, until the wind and the waves, began to beckon, picking up speed and dragging his attention away from the gaze of Jesus and onto the danger. He immediately begins to sink.

Did you catch that? When we focus on the circumstances, we sink. When we look at the storm instead of Jesus, we sink. When we look anywhere but Jesus, you guessed it- we sink. 

It only takes a split second, but it has dire consequences. 

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Praise Jesus, we aren’t doomed to our sinking. Praise Jesus, we aren’t doomed to our circumstances or our sadness or even our unraveling. For even though we are a fickle people and we look away- we can look again. The minute we do, that storm doesn’t seem so intense any more.  It’s about focus. It's about perspective. It's about our gaze.  

Where are you looking to- your circumstances, or your Savior? 


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words + photos by Tiffany Lambert.
Tiffany is full time staff with YWAM SDB and leads our Photo-Storytelling DTS.


Look Again.