Build Dates: January 16 & 17

Family Information:

Father- Salvador

  • Age: 43
  • Profession: Maintenance
  • Weekly Salary: $50

Mother- Brisa

  • Age: 37


  • Aaron, 2 yrs (boy)


Property Information:

Colonia- Simon Bolivar
Time with property- 3 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- Yes

Family Story:

Salvador and Brisa met when Brisa was 15 years old. They got married after Brisa became pregnant and had a daughter. After 4 1/2 years together, they separated because Salvador was struggling with a drug addiction and was physically abusive toward Brisa. 7 years later Salvador reached out to Brisa and they got back together, but nothing had changed and he continued to be unstable and irresponsible at home. They were living in a home in another area of the city where they had no electricity, water, or any sewage system, and because of this, they decided to look into getting their own land. The land they bought doesn't have electricity or sewage either, but there is water. During these past 3 years, Salvador is doing better and is working at a fishery cooperative doing maintenance.  2 years ago they had another child, this time a son, and their oldest daughter has been living with the grandma. Their son was born with allergic rhinitis and suffers greatly from allergies. He has to breathe through his mouth and is in need of an operation to correct the problem. They live in a small house made of pallets and scrap wood, a dirt floor, and tarp covered roof.