Build Dates: May 29-30, 2015


Family Information:

Mother- Matilde

  • Age 26
  • Profession: Children's Soup Kitchen Cook
  • Weekly Salary: $20


  • Juan, age 9, 4th Grade  
  • Edgar, age 4, Kindergarten
  • Hector, age 3


Property Information:

Colonia- Zorrillo
Time with property- 7 years
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No


Family Story:

Matilde is a single mother, she separated from her husband 2 years ago. The children's father was a drug addict and treated the boys and Matilde very badly.

Matilde became a Christian 3 years ago and is currently working at her church's soup kitchen for children. The church pays her $20 a week but her and her boys are able to eat there. She only works there part-time and doesn't get paid much but she is content with the work because she is able to take care of her children. The boys father doesn't help them out financially as he still struggles with drug abuse.

Matilde has a piece of land that had a small structure on it built from old wood. She has lived in this same house for 7 years. During the rainy season the roof was damaged and it leaked in many areas. The pastor allowed them to live in small room at the church, but when the rain stopped, she moved back to her house. Their house is in very bad conditions and it is impossible for Matilde to make it better with the small salary she makes.