Build Dates: May 22-23, 2015

Family Information:

HOH Anniversary Lopez Alvaredo Family 001.jpg

Father- Fausto

  • Age 68
  • Profession: Handicapped
  • Weekly Salary:

Mother- Dolores

  • Age 62
  • Profession: Makes and Sells Tamales
  • Weekly Salary: $27





  • Dario (Field Worker, $62/wk)
  • Pricila, age 11, 5th Grade
  • Edgar, age 7, 2nd Grade


Property Information:

Colonia- El Paraiso
Time with property- 3 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No


Family Story:

Fausto and Dolores are seniors who are originally from Sinaloa. Their children came to Ensenada to work in the fields and later they  followed. One of their daughters got married here and had 2 children, but they were abandoned by the father. Their daughter then got really sick and for a year and a half was taken to see many doctors, hospitalized many times, but was never given a diagnosis. She had lots of tests done and they always came back normal. Every day during that year and a half she just got sicker and sicker, until she passed away 9 months ago.

Dolores and Fausto kept their 2 grandchildren and now care for them. The children have grown up with their grandparents because they have basically never had a father. Fausto is unable to work because he has spinal issues. He worked carrying cement blocks up and down a steep hill and that is what damaged his back. He now has to use a cane to walk, and he can no longer do heavy work because of the back pain. Instead, he and his wife make and sell tamales. They make them at home and then Dolores goes out and sells them on the streets.

Dolores also volunteers at a soup kitchen in her community. She cooks and cleans and then receives breakfast and lunch for her family as payment. They also have one of their sons living with them, Dario. Dario works in the fields and his salary is what pays for the household expenses and land payments. They were living in a house that was borrowed to them, but the owner asked them to leave and they were left with nowhere to go, so they bought the land and built the a small place there for them to live in.