Build Dates: July 9-11, 2015

Family Information:



Father- Jose

  • Age 22
  • Profession: Construction assistant
  • Weekly Salary: 1073 pesos

Mother- Brenda

  • Age 21
  • Profession: sells hamocks
  • Weekly Salary: 400 pesos x 4 days


  • Ivan, 3 and a half years old

Property Information:

Colonia- San Rafael
Time with property- 2 months 
Electricity- yes
Running Water- from a well

Family Story:

Jose and Brenda have been married for 5 years. They have never had their own home. From the time they got married they have been moving from one place to another, sometimes living with his parents, sometimes living with hers. Finally Jose' grandfather donated them some land so that they did not have to keep struggling and they have lived on this land for the last months. Jose built a small room from wood and they moved there and have lived there for the last 2 months. 2 weeks ago someone broke into their home and stole their stove while they were out working. Jose works as a construction assistant but this is not a steady job. He works by contract and when one job finishes he has to wait to find another job, so there are some days where he has no work. Brenda works with her dad 4 days a week and sells hamocks. She earns 100 pesos per day because there are days they don't sell anything. For them it is difficult to build a home because their income is small.