Build Dates: 20-22 July, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Tiburcio

  • Age 45
  • Profession: works in crop field
  • Weekly Salary: Oaxaca

Mother- Luisa

  • Age 40
  • Profession: sells food
  • Weekly Salary: 400 pesos x 2 days




  • Maria, 23, studies at university
  • Amalia, 21, studies at university
  • Javier, 19, studies at university
  • Esther, 16, high school
  • Ana, 13, 8th grade
  • Ivan, 9 months

Property Information:

Colonia-Vista Al Mar
Time with property- 7 months
Electricity- yes
Running Water- yes

Family Story:

Tiburcio and Luisa are indigenous people from Oaxaca. They speak the dialect Mixteco and only a little Spanish. Tiburcio and Luisa did not have the opportunity to go to school. Because of this they have supported their children a lot so that they can study and have a good career in the future. 3 of their children go to university. Others are in high school and middle school. Tiburcio works in the crop fields and Luisa also worked there, but had to leave as she had a baby 9 months ago. Now she works selling food on the weekends from their home to help her husband with the finances of the family. The children also work in the fields on weekends, to earn some money for the expenses of the buses. They also work in the vacations. They have never had their own home. They lived in the home of Tiburcio's parents, but they bought some land that is only about 100 meteres from the home of Tiburcio's parents. Tiburcio built a small room and there they have lived for the last 7 months. The room is very small, so the older children continue to sleep at their grandparents house, as there is not enough room for everyone. For Tiburcio it is difficult to build a better home because they have many children and many expenses as a family.