Build Dates: June 19-22, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Jose

  • Age 22
  • Profession: Field Worker
  • Daily Salary: $9.65

Mother- Martina

  • Age 25
  • Profession:
  • Weekly Salary:




  • Dulce, age 8, 3rd grade
  • Isabela, age 4

Property Information:

Colonia- El Veladero
Time with property- 1 1/2 years
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Jose and Martina have been living together for 3 years. Martina already had her two daughters when they started living together. The biological father of the girls was very aggressive and repeatedly abused her physically, until she decided one day to leave him. 

After that she met Jose and decided to marry him. Jose is a very responsible and hardworking man. For a time they were living in Martina's moms house, since Jose worked in the fields his salary is very limited and they didn't have enough to rent a house. Now Jose works packaging vegetables and he earns a little more than before, so they decided to buy a property in installments. Jose built a small shelter with scraps of wood, the roof is made of plastic tarps and they've been living there for a year and a half. 

Martina doesn't work because her girls are still young and she doesn't have anyone to look after them. For Jose it's been very difficult to build a better house as they are still making payments on the property. He earns around $62 dollars a week, sometimes they ask him to work overtime and he earns a bit more, but even then it's hard for them to make ends meet.