Build Dates: 5-6 September, 2015

Family Information:

Father- Silvero

  • Age 25
  • Profession: works in a factory
  • Weekly Salary: 950 pesos

Mother- Beatriz

  • Age 18
  • Profession: home worker
  • Weekly Salary:


  • Emanuel, 1 year old
  • Javier (brother), 7 years old
  • Luis (brother), 2 years old

Property Information:

Colonia- San Rafeal
Time with property- 1 year
Electricity- yes
Running Water- yes

Family Story:

Silverio and Beatruz are from Nayarit. They have been married for 2 years and have lived in Ensenada for 2 years. When they married they moved to live with a sister-in-law, later they bought some land on credit but the land was very expensive and they soon found a cheaper plot of land. So they returned the first plot and moved onto the cheaper one. For 6 months they lived in a small room of wood. They then returned this plot of land but the owner did not return their initial payments. The new land they have and are currently paying off costs 69,000 pesos and their old one was going to cost them 169,000 pesos. They have lived on this property for 1 year. Silverio works in a factory and his salary is 950 pesos. Beatriz's mother had problems with her husband, he mistreated her a lot and she had nowhere to go, so Silverio offered for her to stay with them. However their house is very small, and Beatriz's mother also has 2 other young children who came with her so there is now 6 people living in this small home. For them it is difficult to have a bigger home at the moment.