Build Dates: October 15, 16, 17

Family Information:

Father- Levi

  • Age: 50
  • Profession: Electronics Repairman
  • Weekly Salary: $37

Mother- Cristina

  • Age: 40
  • Profession:
  • Weekly Salary: $55



  • Levi Antonio, 21 yrs
  • Cristian, 20 yrs
  • Martha, 11 yrs
  • Yesica, 8 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- 2 de Septiembre
Time with property- 7 years
Running Water-

Family Story:

Cristina and Levi met in Oaxaca 25 years ago and they had 3 children together before moving to Ensenada. They came to Ensenada 12 years ago for work because the salaries in Oaxaca were very low. At first, they just went from house to house renting whatever they could afford.  Eight years ago, they moved in with Cristina's brother. He later sold them a piece of his land so they could build their own place to live. They do not owe anything on their land, but the current house is in very bad conditions. When it rains, it leaks in the house. This winter it is expected to rain a lot and they are not looking forward to all the problems this will bring. Their oldest daughter has health problems and they have to buy her medications. With the household expenses, health expenses, and their low income- it is very difficult for this family to be able to improve their living conditions. Levi was working at a factory, and Cristina worked selling desserts on the streets for 3 years. Cristina had to go back to Oaxaca to be with her mother who had become very ill from cancer, and Levi decided to leave the factory to care for his children while their mother was away. He works from home when he can repairing electronics. Cristina was gone for 8 months and since she has been back, she has started cleaning homes as a little side job to help bring in a little more money when needed.