Build Dates: January 30th & 31st

Family Information:

Father- Florencio

  • Age: 36
  • Profession: Field Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $46

Mother- Epifania

  • Age: 31
  • Profession: Packs Produce
  • Weekly Salary: $46


  • Alma, 8 yrs, 3rd Grade (girl)
  • Victor, 15 yrs, High School (boy)

Property Information:

Colonia- Los Girasoles
Time with property- 9 months
Electricity- N/A
Running Water- N/A

Family Story:

Epifania and Florencio are originally from Oaxaca, but they moved to Ensenada 9 years ago due to lack of work and very low salaries in Oaxaca. When they arrived, they began to work in the fields earning $4 a day. For 8 years they lived in a rental house in very bad conditions, and very small. It was then that Florencio decided to get a plot of land for his family where they would be able to build their own home. They have 2 children, ages 15 and 8. Both children are in school. It was always Epifania's desire to be educated, but due to economic difficulties, she was never able to. For that reason she has made a point to have her children stay in school and graduate. Currently, they live in a small home on their property. The house is built of plastic and cardboard; it is in very bad conditions. It is very hard for them to live there. In the summer it is very hot, and then very cold in the winter. Their desire is to have a small place that they can call a home.