Build Dates: October 20th-22nd

Family Information:

Father- Agustin

  • Age: 37
  • Profession: Field Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $63 approx.

Mother- Lucia

  • Age: 28
  • Profession: N/A
  • Weekly Salary:


  • Rosalba, 4 yrs
  • Marisol, 6 yrs, 1st Grade
  • Eduardo, 8 yrs, 4th Grade
  • Lorena, 10 yrs, 6th Grade

Property Information:

Colonia- El Paraiso
Time with property- 3 yrs
Structure- Dirt floor, Wood, Tarp/Plastic Roof
Electricity- No
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Agustin and Lucia are originally from Oaxaca who, like many other families, have come to Ensenada in search of better opportunities and a better life. Where they are from in South Mexico lacks work, education and good health services. They have four children; Rosalba who is 4 years old, Marisol who is 6 and just began 1st grade, Eduardo who is 8 years old and in 4th grade, and then Lorena who is 10 and about to finish elementary school. Agustin works in the fields and earns 1080 pesos a week. His salary is used to pay for their basic necessities such as clothes, food, hygiene, school, etc. Most of the time his salary isn't enough for all their needs, but one way or another they look for ways to provide for their family and push them forward.  Lucia doesn't work because she dedicates her time to caring for the children and their home. Their current house is a small room made from scrap wood and covered with plastic. Their lack of resources has kept them from being able to have a better home because their priority is to make sure they can cover the basic needs of the family. Even through all of their struggles, they have been able to obtain a piece of land and are close to having it paid off. Through faith they have believed that one day they would be able to have a proper home that is worthy for their children to grow up in.