Build Dates: November 21st-23rd

Family Information:

Father- Jose

  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Makes Plaster Figures
  • Weekly Salary: Varies, $44-50 approx.


  • Age: 28
  • Profession: Helps Husband
  • Weekly Salary:


  • Jose Raul, 10 yrs, 5th Grade
  • Jose, 9 yrs, 4th Grade
  • Joselin, 6 yrs, 1st Grade
  • Sareli, 4 yrs, Kindergarten

Property Information:

Colonia- Maneadero
Time with property- 8 yrs  
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Dirt Floor and Wood

Family Story:

   Jose and Juana met in school and liked each other throughout their school years.  When Jose got out of school he waited some time for Juana to finish school and then they moved in together in Jose’s parent’s house. A year and a half later, after their first child was born, they decided to move into a property that Jose’s mom gave them. They built a small room out of wood and cardboard and that’s where they’ve been living ever since. They work making figures out of plaster and selling them at the park.  They make around $800 pesos a weekend and out of that money they have to buy more plaster to keep selling along with a monthly fee they pay the government to receive a permit for selling at the park.