Build Dates: April 10th & 11th

Family Information:

Mother- Manuela

  • Age: 35
  • Profession: Housekeeper
  • Weekly Salary: $47 appx.


  • Perla, 12 yrs, 5th Grade (girl)
  • Diego, 11 yrs, 4th Grade (boy)
  • Teresa de Jesus, Manuela's older sister with disabilities who lives with them

Property Information:

Colonia- San Francisco
Time with property- 6 months
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Manuela is originally from Chiapas. She graduated from junior high and came to Ensenada where she intended to finish her studies, but was unable to and dropped out before 18 to work in a factory. She met the father of her children while working there and they were married. A year later they had their first child, and a year after, they had their second. They were together for another year after Diego was born and were divorced. The father had no desire to hold down a job and provide for his family. Manuela left with her two children and they found a place to rent. After three years there they moved because someone else let them live in their house for 2 years. During this time she was offered a piece of land on credit and she accepted and got the land. They have been living on their land now for 6 months. Manuela works cleaning houses earning approximately $47 a week. They live in a small house that a man helped them to build. Manuela has an older sister, Teresa, who is disabled that lives with them. Teresa was born deaf and mute. She also has a problem with her neck. When Teresa was a baby, she crawled backwards. When this happened, their parents took Teresa to different doctors, but nobody could tell them what was wrong. Manuela allows her children to spend the weekends with their father and they receive$15 from him every 15 days so the children have an allowance to buy whatever they need.