Build Dates: April 30th & May 1st

Family Information:

Mother- Demetria

  • Age: 32
  • Profession: Factory Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $44 approx.


  • Dennise, 13 yrs, 7th Grade (girl)
  • Cesar, 11 yrs, 5th Grade (boy)
  • Abigail, 4 yrs (Kindergarten)

Property Information:

Colonia- San Francisco
Time with property- 1 year
Running Water-

Family Story:

Demetria is originally from Guerrero, but her family's economic situation was not good, so she decided to leave and come to the North in search of better opportunities. She grew up with just her father. Her mother abandoned them when her and her siblings were young. Demetria came to Ensenada looking for work and found a job at a sewing factory. At the factory she met her ex-husband. They got together, had 2 children, separated for one year, got back together and had another child, and they separated again. Julio, her ex-husband, was physically abusive and she couldn't live like that anymore and decided it was best to leave. When they were together, Julio had a house where they all lived. But after he started hitting her and she left, she had to go and look for a place to live. Demetria's sister helped her find a piece of land and helped her with the first payment. Demetria had to find work again because Julio only supports them with a small amount for the children, between $10 and $18 a week, and that is not enough for her to not have to work. The house where they are currently living is made of wood with a roof. They have lived here for one year. Demetria has no plans to get back together with her ex and has no desire to live with him in that situation ever again.