Build Dates:May 28th and 29th

Family Information:

Father- Luis

Mother- Judith Maribel

  • Age: 43
  • Profession: Cleans Houses
  • Weekly Salary: $36


  • Jazmin Estrella, 6 yrs, Kindergarten (girl)

Property Information:

Colonia- Puesta del Sol
Time with property- 1 year
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- Yes

Family Story:

Judith Maribel is originally from Guatemala. More than 26 years ago she came to Mexico and has been living in Ensenada for about 18 years. In 2007, Judith started a relationship with a man named Luis Alonso Salinas, who is the father of her daughter Jazmin. They were together for 8 years until he decided to return to Oaxaca, his birthplace. Luis' mother had passed away and he went home to be with his family and found work there. He left in December of 2014, leaving Judith and Jazmin. For Judith, she was under the impression that when he left, they were finished. He stayed in touch with his daughter while away. On April 18th of this year, Luis was in an accident at work and almost died. He is still in recovery from what happened to him. Luis chose to contact Judith and his daughter after the accident, Luis explained to Judith what had happened and asked her if she would take him back and help him. Judith forgave him and let him return home. His is currently waiting for surgery on his arm which was broke during the accident. Their relationship as a family before Luis left was like that of a normal family. They were separated for about a year and are now working things out, especially for their daughter Jazmin.  Judith works cleaning houses in order to care for her family. She earns around $36 a week and that is all they have to buy food, water, and basic household necessities. Her small home is a room made from pieces of wood and metal sheets. There have been many times when Jazmin has gotten sick due to their living conditions. It has not been possible for Judith to provide anything better. Many people have told her that she won't be able to accomplish anything because of her situation and being from Guatemala. But Judith has faith that she will have a home and be able to care for her family. She has fought hard to get to where she is now and she will not give up.