Build Dates: July 16th & 17th

Family Information:

Father- Sergio

  • Profession: Construction/Labor
  • Weekly Salary: $68

Mother- Beatriz


  • Geovanni, 9 yrs, boy
  • Mairin, 7 yrs, girl
  • Rosa Elena, 2 months, girl

Family Story:

Beatriz and Sergio met here in Ensenada. They have 3 children together. Eleven years ago, some of Beatriz' family received a home from an organization. Some years later, Sergio and Beatriz were wanting to buy a piece of land on credit. Beatriz' grandma transferred the land with the house over to Beatriz and Beatriz and Sergio finished paying it off. They have finished paying it off and it is theirs, both the land and the small house. The house is very small with only one room for the kitchen/living space and one for the bedroom where all 5 of them sleep. Five years ago, their oldest son Geovanni was diagnosed with cancer in the stomach. As parents, it was very difficult for them to see their son go through this. There was also a lot of costs involved with different analysis and medications for Geovanni. Geovanni was hospitalized for a year and a half. After that, the doctors said that he was getting better. Geovanni never lost his hair. The cancer disappeared and a miracle happened in his body. The doctors couldn't understand it. Beatriz had never lost faith and had always asked God for a miracle for her son. Since then,  Geovanni hasn't had to take any more medication. Every 3 months he goes to Tijuana for blood analysis and tests. Every 6 months a biopsy is done. Sergio works doing construction and labor work, earning about $68 a week. That salary hasn't been enough for them to build onto the house they live in. Especially not with having to make trips to Tijuana so often. Beatriz and her children attend Circulo Andante, which is a ministry the YWAM base has every Tuesday where they teach children. Beatriz attends the Bible study for the mothers. Beatriz is very happy about what God has done in the life of Geovanni. In spite of their situations and what they've been through, they haven't lost their faith that one day they will have a better home for their family.