Build Dates: October 8th-9th, 2016

Family Information:

Father- Adolfo

  • Age: 20
  • Profession: Sells Juice
  • Daily Salary: 1,000 pesos or about $58

Mother- Cindi

  • Age: 20
  • Profession: Homemaker
  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Ian, 2 yrs
  • Daniel, 10 months

Property Information:

Colonia- Maneadero
Time with property- 9 months
Structure- Dirt and carpet floors, wood roof and walls
Electricity- No
Running Water- No

Family Story:

Cindy comes from a broken home where she suffered a lot growing up.  Her mom was constantly physically abused by her husband (Cindi’s stepfather) and this would make Cindi fall into depression.  After some time, Cindi’s mother left her husband but fell into a depressive state also and didn’t want to work.  So Cindi had to leave her studies and started working to provide for herself and her little sister.

  Later, they went to live with her grandmother because the house they were living at was an abandoned house.  A little time went by and Cindi meets Adolfo and gets together with him 3 months later because she didn’t want to live with her mother any longer.

   From there, Adolfo and Cindi move in and out of friend’s houses because they couldn’t pay rent.  Finally, 8 months later they were able to pay the first part of a small property they’re buying.    Adolfo works selling juice and their income barely gets them through the day.  Cindy would love a new house so that their children won’t have to go through the same things she had to go through.