Build Dates: February 19th

Family Information:

Galindo Galindo Family 001.jpg

Father- Jose

  • Age: 19 yrs
  • Profession: Field Worker
  • Weekly Salary: $60

Mother- Mireya

  • Age: 20 yrs
  • Profession: Stay at home mom
  • Weekly Salary: No


  • Axel, 7 months old

Property Information:

Colonia- Las Flores
Time with property- 3 months
Running Water- unknown
Structure- Wood walls and dirt floor

Family Story:

Jose is from Oaxaca, Mexico and Mireya from Mexico City. They both came to Ensenada for many reasons but they met here and decided to start a family, since then they've faced a lot of problems. Jose works in the fields to be able to sustain his wife and son, his situation is complicated because he doesn't have a birth certificate so for that reason he can't find a job at some places. Mireya is a stay at home mom and only dedicates her time to taking care of Axel. They live in two small wooden rooms and they have a tarp as a roof. They are concerned about Axel's health due to the rainy season .