BUILD DATES: 24 & 25 November 2017




  • Age: 42
  • Profession: works in the field
  • Weekly Salary: 800 pesos

MOTHER- Josefina 

  • Age: 41 
  • Profession: works in the field
  • Weekly Salary: 800 pesos



  • Anayeli, 16 years old 
  • Maricel, 13 years old.
  • Yessenia, 12 years old.
  • (none of them goes to school) 


COLONIA- Nueva España
TIME WITH PROPERTY-  1 year and 8 months
STRUCTURE- Room made of wood and dirt floor.


Julio is 42 years old and Josefina is 41, they are from Guerrero a state in center Mexico. They have been married for over 24 years. They have six children but three of them are already married and having their own families and only the three younger still live with them. Anayeli is older of the younger she is 16 years old, Maricela is 13 years old and Yessenia is 12 years old.

The family has been living in Ensenada for 10 years already, the work situation in Guerrero was too hard and they came looking for better opportunities and a better life. None of the daughters has been able to go to school at all, most of the time they were living too far away from any school and they didn’t have the money to pay for transportation. Julio and Josefina have work most of her lives in the fields with earning around $800 pesos each per week (around 50 dlls. each).

Two years ago, with a lot of hard work they were able to save enough money to give the first payment of a piece of land. They moved in and built a small room with wood walls and galvanized steel sheets for roof. The room is very small and all of them live in it, they also don’t have any of the basic services as running water or electricity.

The family has never had a piece of land before or a proper house, their dream is to finally have a place they can consider a real home, a place where they can finally stay and rise their children.