BUILD DATES: 11 & 12 November 2017





  • Age: 41 
  • Profession: Musician
  • Weekly Salary: 600-800 pesos.

MOTHER- Christina

  • Age: 34
  • Profession:  -
  • Weekly Salary: -


  • Dulce, 10 years old, 5th grade.
  • Jose ( their nephew 15 years old, his parents live in Mexico D.F.) 


COLONIA- Salitral
STRUCTURE- room made of pieces of wood and dirt floor.


Jesus is from Mexico City and he is 40 years old, Christina is from Veracruz and she is 34 years old. They have one daughter, Dulce who is 10 years old and is in her 5th grade of elementary school. Their nephew, José Jahir who is 15 years old is also living with them right now. Christina’s mom, her three brothers, a brother in law and his 3 children also live in their property in a tent,

Jesus and Christina have had a difficult time together. They met in DF 11 years ago, they became boyfriends sometime after and 3 months later they started to live together. When Christina got pregnant and Jesus left her to go to work in Idaho. He worked in the states for three years (the last two years Christina had almost no contact with him) but when the recession started it became harder for him to find a job. Feeling bad for have abandoned his family he came back to México and find them. Because DF was in a bad situation because of narcotrafic they moved to Ensenada. Jesus was an alcoholic and he often abused his family, one year ago they were looking for a change in their lives and that was when a pastor got close to them when they were playing in the streets. He presented the gospel to them and they accepted Jesus. They have been in a process of change since that.

They work as street musicians earning around 800 pesos per week (around 45 dlls), at the beginning their daughter had to come to work with them after school because they didn’t know anyone who can helped them taking here of her. With a lot of hard work, they were able to find a property and bought it. They make monthly payments for it. They built a room with wood and tarp.

They want a homes of hope house to provide for her daughter and nephew a safe, dry and warm place were to live, a place where they can live together as a family and left in the past all the hardships they have endure and start a better future.