Build Dates: March 3rd & 4th

Family Information:

Father- Jose Luis

  • Age: 27 yrs
  • Profession: Laborer
  • Weekly Salary: $45 

Mother- Marlei

  • Age: 23 yrs
  • Profession: N/A
  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Jose Luis, 8 years, 2nd grade
  • Jennifer, 3 years

Property Information:

Colonia- El Paraiso
Time with property- 9 years
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- No
Structure- Wood & Dirt

Family Story:

Marlei is from Oaxaca and Jose Luis is from Chiapas, they came to Ensenada searching for a better life and better work opportunities. When they got to Ensenada they bought a piece of land and started building a house out of plywood and tarps. Jose Luis works as a laborer from Monday thru Saturday and Marlei takes car of the kids. During the rainy season, the water leaks in and everything gets wet, and they are concerned about their health and safety.