BUILD DATES: 08 & 09 August 2017



FATHER- Arturo

  • Age:44
  • Profession: works in the fields
  • Weekly Salary: 1380 pesos

MOTHER- Jacinta

  • Age:44
  • Profession: -
  • Weekly Salary: -


  • Salvador, 24 years old. Works in the field.
  • Mariela 9 years old. 3rd grade.
  • Valeria 22 years old. stays at home.
  • Monica 18 years old. works in the field.
  • Luz Esperanza 14 years old. 7th grade
  • Yesenia 7 years old. Granddaugther ( Valeria's Daugther)


COLONIA- Maneadero
STRUCTURE- Room made of pieces of wood, dirt floor, 3 beds and 1 bunk bed


Arturo and Jacinta came from Oaxaca. He is 49 years old and she is 44. They met in Mexico City and after sometime knowing each other, they decided to live together. They lived in Oaxaca for a while where they had 5 children; Salvador who is 24, Valeria who is 22, Monica who is 18, Luz Esperanza who is 14 and Mariela who is 9. They decided to move to Ensenada, looking for a job and a better life. They found a job working in the fields and they started to rent a little house.

After some time they decided to buy a property with a credit, which they are still paying. Monica and Salvador work with his dad in the fields while Valeria stays in home taking care of her mom. Jacinta had a surgery in May, she had problems with her vesicle and appendix, the surgery was successful but later the stiches opened and she got an infection, so Valeria has to stay in home to take care of her while Mariela and Luz Esperanza go to school.

Valeria has a child of her own, Yesenia who is 7 years old. She separated from her husband because he has problems with alcohol and they were constantly fighting. She decided to leave him and move in with her parents.

Salvador also has a daughter but he separated from his wife and is paying child maintenance to support her daughter.

As you can see, this is a big family who work hard and try their best to support each other.