BUILD DATES: 19 & 20 October 2017


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FATHER- Sebastian

  • Age: 23 
  • Profession: works in the fields
  • Weekly Salary: 1050 pesos 

MOTHER- Yesenia 

  • Age: 23
  • Profession: Works in the fields
  • Weekly Salary: 1050 Pesos 


  • Dana, 6 years old, 1st grade.
  • Sebastian, 4 years old, preschool.
  • Yesica, 1 year old.


COLONIA- Maneadero
STRUCTURE- Small Room made of pieces of wood. 


Sebastian is 23 years old and Yesenia is 20 years old. They are from Guerrero, a state in center México. They have 4 children; Dana Paola who is 6 years old and is 1 grade of elementary school, Sebastian who is 4 years old and is in his 2 grade of kinder garden and Yessica who is 1 year old.

They are a young couple who with few years of marriage have been working really hard for their 3 children sake. They have been in hard moments where they had to choose between getting something for them or for their children, they have always prioritized their children.

For a time, they rented an apartment, but it was a hard situation because they felt they were expending money in something that would never be theirs, so they decided to buy a property when Yessenia received some especial money from her work and so they could made the first payment. They are still making payments.

In their property, they built a small room of scrap wood and moved in. The wood is not in good condition, the place is not safe for their children and the room is very small. They have been living there for two years already.

Sebastian works picking up tomatoes and Yessenia works packing peppers and tomatoes. Each one of them earn $1050 pesos per week (Around $60 dlls.) They do not have the resources to build a better place.

Their desire as a family is to have a house where they can live without fear of something bad happening and to feel the excitement of having a place they can call their home.