Build Dates: June 19-20, 2018

Family Information:

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Father - Quirino

  • Age: 38 Years Old
  • Profession: Packer
  • Weekly Salary: $86 USD

Mother - Yesica

  • Age: 30 Years Old
  • Profession: Packer
  • Weekly Salary: $44 USD


  • Eric - 6 Years Old, 1st Grade
  • Alex - 1 Year Old

Property Information:

Colonia - Los Olivos
Time with property - 7 Months
Electricity - Yes
Running Water - No
Structure - Little wood room with dirt floor and tarp for a roof.

Family Story:

Yesica came seven years ago to Ensenada from Oaxaca trying to find a good job so that she could have a better life.  She came on her own but after some time she met Quirino who is her husband today. Quirino was deported from the US and started working at the job where he met Yesica.

They decided to buy a property with Quirino’s brother, but after, Quirino’s brother started to have arguments with Quirino so they decided to sell him their part of the property and buy a different one somewhere else.

Erick, the family’s oldest son, has a condition called Microtia in his left ear. He can’t hear anything from that side but he can hear from his right. The doctors say that he won’t be able to have surgery until he’s seven or eight years old.