Build Dates: October 23th-24th

Family Information:

Rodriguez Hernandez 001.jpg

Mother- Paz

  • Age: 47

  • Profession: Sells tamales

  • Weekly Salary: $15

    Padre- Armando

  • Age: 42

  • Profession: Works in a factory

  • Weekly Salary: $43


  • Jose, 22 yrs, 12th Grade

  • Elizabeth, 14 yrs, 8th Grade

  • Noemi, 4 yrs, Kindergarten

Property Information:

Colonia- San Jose
Time with property- 11 months

Family Story:

Armando is 42 years old and Paz is 47, they are from Veracruz. They have 3 children. Noemi is 4 years old and is in 2nd grade in Kindergarten. Elizabeth is 14 years old and in 2nd grade in middle school. The older is José with 22 years old and is working and studying 3rd year of high school.

Armando and Paz met in Veracruz, she used to have a small vegetables store and she met him there. Armando had 2 children from a previous marriage, but his marriage ended because his problems with money and alcohol. They decided to start a relationship and live together. Paz welcomed Him with his two kids José and Elizabeth and Armando stopped drinking. José helps in the house as he studies and works.

Their family bought a property with a credit and with another credit they build a small room with wood, tarp and metal. Armando and Paz had a daughter, Noemi, who has down syndrome and needs an open-hearth surgery to help her hearth to pump the blood correctly. She will be starting to go to a special kid’s school next years.

They want a home of hope home to provide their kids with a safe, dry and secure place. They know they don’t have the resources to do it themselves, but they believe that God can do anything possible.