Build Dates: November 10th-11th

Family Information:

Avila Flores 001.jpg

Mother- Lilian

  • Age: 44

  • Profession: Housemaid

  • Weekly Salary: $50

    Padre- Francisco

  • Age: 49

  • Profession: Field worker

  • Weekly Salary: $60


  • Keyla, 9 y/o

  • Yesenia, 13 y/o

Property Information:

Colonia- Las Flores
Time with property- 1 yr +

Family Story:

Francisco is 49 years old and is from Durango. Lilian is 44 years old and is from Acapulco. They have two children. Keyla is 9 years old and is in 4th grade. Yesenia is 13 years old and is in 8th grade.

Francisco and Lilian have been together for over 30 years. They have been together since 8th grade. Francisco works in the fields picking vegetables and Lilian works cleaning houses. Francisco and Lilian have been working hard together to give their kids the best life they can. For many years they were moving from one house to another; occasionally living with one of their parents, sometimes they saved up some money and rented their own apartment. Finally, some time ago they were able to buy a land in payments. The property cost was $8,000 dlls and they have paid $3,000 already. Their monthly payment is $133 dlls.

They have been living in their property for 18 months now. They have built a couple rooms with wood scraps, plastic and tarps. They have electricity but no running water or plumbing. They are dreaming of getting a HOH house to give their children a safe, dry and warm place to live and grow. They know they don’t have the resources to do it alone, but they have faith that God will help them.