Build Dates: January 1st-2nd

Family Information:


Mother- Veronica

  • Age: 24

  • Profession: Makes Hand Crafted Souvenirs

  • Weekly Salary: 47

    Padre- Fidel

  • Age: 27

  • Profession: Makes Hand Crafted Souvenirs

  • Weekly Salary: $47


  • Maribel, 4 y/o

  • Fidel, 8 y/o

Property Information:

Colonia- Las Brisas
Time with property- 5 months +

Family Story:

Fidel and Veronica met each other working in ¨maneadero¨ (the neighborhood where their place of work is) Veronica arrived there and she got this job and she was new at work and Fidel oversaw and training her. Two months later they started their relationship and after four months of dating they decided to move in together.

They moved to live to Fidel's mother's house but they only moved there for a year, after that they rented a place, during two years they were moving from one place to another where they found a cheaper place to rent, even they had to go to the outer parts of town because the situation was very difficult for them and they had a lot of need.

A year ago, they set out to buy land. the cost of the land is 85 thousand Mexican pesos (about 4500 dollars) they gave a sum of 5 thousand pesos (260 dollars) to be able to receive the land, but they still pay the land, they pay 1200 pesos per month (around 60 dollars)

they got some scraps of wood and tarps and set up a small room on their land, where they currently live with their two children, but they dream with a beautiful house where they can raise their children and can protect themselves from the cold and inclement weather and give their children a good future.