Build Dates: November 23th-24th

Family Information:

Serrato Gomez 001.jpg

Mother- Lucia

  • Age: 35

  • Profession: Churro stand

  • Weekly Salary: $45

    Padre- Ignacio

  • Age: 51

  • Profession: Churro stand

  • Weekly Salary: $45


  • Ana Laura, 18 yrs

  • Jusileni, 13 yrs

  • Josselin, 11 yrs

  • Luci, 1 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- San Rafael
Time with property- 1 yr +

Family Story:

Ignacio is 51 years old and is from Michoacan. Lucia is 35 years old and is from Veracruz. They have 4 children. Luci is 1 years old. Joselin is 11 years old. Jusilene is 13 years old and Ana Laura is 18 years old.

Lucia has had a hard life. Her first husband used to beat her and abuse her and her children. She left Veracruz trying to find a new life leaving behind the past. Here in Ensenada met her second husband but he was a drug addict who also convince her to start using drugs herself. The drugs brought her down to the point that she was living in the streets for a time, picking up wasted food from the thrash. That’s when she met Ignacio. He helped her to stop using drugs and to start working in rebuilding her life. It has been harder for the couple, at the beginning they were renting but it was hard for them to keep up with the rents. Finally, they decided to buy a property with a credit and moved there. They build a small room with pieces of wood and tarp.

The children are not going to school because they lost most of their papers in the years they were homeless, and they couldn’t sign up the girls in any school because of it.