Build Dates: October 12th-13th

Family Information:

Ramirez Florentino Family .jpg

Father- Andres

  • Age: 30

  • Profession: Lives/Works in USA

  • Weekly Salary: Sends about $110 every 3 weeks

Mother- Sidonia

  • Age: 28

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Weekly Salary: N/A


  • Florencia, 11 yrs, 5th Grade

  • Edgar, 10 yrs, 2nd Grade

  • Abigail, 9 yrs, 2nd Grade

  • Ismael, 7 yrs, Just Starting School

  • Nancy, 5 yrs, Not in School

  • Benjamin, 4 yrs, Not in School

Property Information:

Colonia- Santa Cuquila
Time with property- 6 months

Family Story:

Andrés is 30 years old and Sidonia is 28, they are from Oaxaca one of the poorest states in México. They have 6 children. Benjamin is 4 years old and is the younger boy. Nancy is 5 years old and is the younger daughter. Ismael is 7 years old. Abigail is 9 years old and is in 2nd grade in elementary school. Edgar is the older son and is 10 years old, he is in 2nd grade in elementary school and Florencia is the oldest of all, she is 11 years old and is in 5th grade in elementary school. Andrés and Sidonia came to Ensenada looking for opportunities to have a better life. Life in Oaxaca is hard and there is not a lot of work. Things in Ensenada were better than in Oaxaca but it was still hard for them so two years ago Andrés went to the States to work in the fields. He sends $2,000 pesos (around $110 dlls.) every two weeks to Sidonia. They bought a property that cost $50,000 pesos (Around 2,800 dlls.) and is now all paid. With the help of Andrés brother, they built a small room with wood and tarp. Sidonia stays at home taking care of her children and Andrés wants to come back to Ensenada soon as he misses his family a lot. They want a homes of hope house as the little room they have is not enough for all of them. They also wish to give their children a better future in a safer, more comfortable place that they can truly call their home.