Build Dates: November 9th & 10th

Family Information:



  • Age: 25

  • Profession: Field Worker

  • Weekly Salary: $60 approx.

  • Hours Worked Per Week: 40 hrs


  • David, 10 yrs, 5th Grade

  • Cesar, 6 yrs, 1st Grade

  • Olivia, 1 yr 8 months (she had whooping cough and received treatment for it)

Property Information:

Colonia-Paraiso/Las Flores
Time with property- 5 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Wood, Metal Roof and Cardboard Floor

Family Story:

Ernesta moved from Guerrero to Ensenada with her family when she was two years old. She grew up here, got married and had a family. For the safety of her children, she had to leave her husband; he started drinking a lot and had problems with drug abuse. After leaving her husband, Ernesta decided to get a piece of land on credit and that is where her and her children are currently living. Ernesta works in the fields from 7am until the afternoon while her mother takes care of the older boys; the daughter goes to a daycare. Little by little, Ernesta was able to save up some money to build a small room from used materials. Ernesta needs a home so that she can provide a better way of life for her children.