Build Dates: November 23rd & 24th

Family Information:


Father- Jorge

  • Age: 32

  • Profession: Hair Stylist

  • Monthly Salary: $330 approx.


  • Jesus, 14 yrs, Jr High

Note: Jorge’s parents live with him in the house

Property Information:

Colonia- Paraiso/Las Flores
Time with property- 10 months
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer w/Extension Made From Wood and Tarps

Family Story:

Jorge is originally from Caborca, Sonora. While living in San Luis Rio Colorado, he was in a relationship with a woman with whom he has two sons. Jorge and his ex separated about a year ago due to family problems, and Jorge moved to Ensenada. Jorge has always taken care of his two children with his ex, one of them lives here in Ensenada with him. His other child stayed in San Luis with his ex, but will come to Ensenada to visit from time to time. Next year, the second son would like to move to Ensenada as well and live with his dad, but where Jorge lives is very small, even more so now that Jorge’s parents are living with him as well. Jorge is the only one who works to care for everyone in his family; he works as a hair stylist in a salon. Jorge would like to have a safe home for him and his family. In Jorge’s letter asking for a HOH, he says, “thank you for helping people that you have never even met; for giving of your time to share with them, and help them to better their lives. Thank you for showing this example of generosity and sharing it with others.”