Build Dates: November 25th-27th

Family Information:


Father- Cristobal

  • Age: 24

  • Profession: Hardware Store

  • Monthly Salary: $265 approx. for 48 hr work week

Mother- Marisa

  • Age: 23

  • Profession: Homemaker

  • Monthly Salary: N/A


  • Eithan, 2 yrs

  • Josani, 7 yrs, 1st Grade

Property Information:

Colonia- Las Flores
Time with property- 8 months  
Electricity- Yes
Running Water- Yes
Structure- Wood & Dirt Floor

Family Story:

Marisa and Cristobal met here in Ensenada through Marisa’s sister. They started out as just friends for some time before deciding there was something more than friendship between them. They lived together in a house that was lent to them, they only had to pay the utilities (which was around $100 a month). When they were asked to return the house, they decided to buy land on credit and invest in a place of their own. Three months after getting the land, they built a small room and moved in. Marisa would like to have a proper home for her children. She says that living in the dirt is not healthy for them and she fears someone being bitten by a dangerous insect. Marisa says that it gets very cold and wet where they live and they have no space for anything, not even a safe place for her children to play. Cristobal works at a hardware store and Marisa is a stay at home mom.