Build Dates: March 12 & 13

Family Information:


Mother- Dulce

  • Age: 27

  • Profession: Packer

  • Weekly Salary: $65 approx. Mon.-Sat.


  • Britany, 7yrs, 1st Grade

  • Rosa, 2 yrs

Property Information:

Colonia- Maneadero P. Baja
Time with property- 1yr +
Electricity- No
Running Water- No
Structure- Trailer

Family Story:

Dulce and her family moved to Ensenada B.C when she was 9 years old due to problems her family had in Sonora. When she was nineteen years old she met Britany´s dad, she ended up leaving him because of his abuse of drugs. Four years later she met Rosa´s father, but he disappeared while she was pregnant with Rosa, and she hasn't heard from him since. Dulce has been able to fully provide for her daughters on her own. She works in a packing plant making sure the product is in good condition to be sent out, and earns a salary/income of $1200 pesos per week working from Monday to Saturday. While she works, she pays a lady to care for her daughters. Dulce bought land from her mother, paying her about $2500 for the land. Currently Dulce lives there with her daughters in her dad´s trailer. She needs a house because the trailer is small, old, and in bad conditions for her and her daughters to live in. For this reason, she longs for an actual home.